My name is Jonathan Murdock and I have been in Property management,
maintenance, construction, and owner advocacy for almost a half decade.

Over those years I have acquired extensive experience and developed skills
that allow me to create high impact contributions to homeowners and
business owners that are buying, building, improving properties, or managing
and maintaining their existing properties. I have excelled in every major trade
of home building, commercial construction and property management.
I have worked with general contractors, architects, and engineers as the
project manager and customer representative in projects ranging from simple
damage repairs to foundation-up builds. I have thousands of hours in the
field and behind a few desks.

For the last 24 years I have owned and operated a property management and
maintenance company as a solution provider creating successes for family
homeowners and large enterprises as well. Our maintenance contracts have
spanned apartments, hotels, resorts, restaurants, and school districts.
It has become my passion to assist homeowners and developers
alike, helping them to stay involved while avoiding the stress of dealing with
all the challenges and moving parts on their projects.

If you have a project for which you would like a manager and advocate, please
learn more on the Owner Advocate page.